Saturday, February 5, 2011

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Tamil SMS Kavithai
anbe! un vaarthaigalai vida,
un mouname sugamaanathu.

Love Kavithai SMS
Anru aval kaipidikka ennai vittaaye,
inru aval kaivitta piragu-un,
kaiyai thaangi pidithathu naanethaan.

Oru Uyir Thudikum Poluthu,
Yarum Gavanikaamal Irupargal.
Aanal Nindra Pin Yellarum Thudipargal.
That Is Life.

Valkai Kavithai
Vaalkai ippadithan irukkanum endru ninaippadai vida,
Eppadi irundhalum vaalanum.

Best Tamil Kadhal Kavithai SMS
“Unmaiyaana anbukku mattumey
un kanneer thulligal theriyum.”.
“nee mazhaiyil nanaindhu kondey azhudhaalum kooda”.. 

Kadhal Tamil Love Kavithai
Unnai Yen idhayam
yendru solla maattean.?
Yean theriymaa.?
Unnai Thudikka Vittu
Uyir Vaazha yenakku
viruppam illai 

Kadhal Kavithai
Kadhalika Theriyatha
Pennin Koondhalil
Irupathai Vida,
Kathalika Therintha
Aanin Kallarayil
Irupathu Melanathu… 

SMS Romantic Message
Ennodu nee irukum pothu,
Kangalai naan imaikka maaten.
Yaen Theriyuma?
naan Kangalai moodum andha nerathil,
en mobile-a ataya poturuva
Unna pathi therium… 

Super Tamil SMS Kavithai
“Uyirudan oppida mudiyavillai unnai”
Yean, yendral
“uyirum oru nal pirinthuvidum enbathal” 

Kadhal SMS Kavithai
“Unnai Kaanum Varai Sorgaththai Paarthadhilai”
“Unnai kanda pin Sorgamey Thevai Illai”
“Un Anbu Mattum Poadhum. Naan Vaazhum Varai..” 

Sogamana Tamil Kadhal Kavithai SMS
Pesum vaarthai vida pesaatha mounathirku adigam artham undu!
Pesum vaarthai ellorkum purium aanal
mounam unnai nesipavarkaluku mattum than purium.! Good nite… 

Best of All Tamil Haiku Kavithai
Naesikkum Uravugal Pirinthu Sendralum…
Nesittha Ninaivugal Endrum Nilaithirukkum…
Thats Life..! 

Funny Tamil Kavithai
Un peyarai Ketta piraguthan Therinthu konden,
Un petrorkkum Kavithai ezhutha Therium endru…!
by manasatchiye illamal poi sollvor sangam. 

Kadhal SMS Kavidhai
Sollivida Enni
Pala Naal
Arugil Varuven…
Undhan Paarvai
Adhu Mattum Podhum 

Infactuation Love SMS Message in Tamil
Ena Ninaithu
Vilagi Viduven…
En Manadhil Ulladhu
Nee Etru Kolvai Enrey
Thodarkiren Un Nizhalai
Thodarven Enrum…
I Love You 

Love Failure Tamil SMS Kavithai
Unnai naan en kangalil vaikavillai,
En idhayathil vaithu irukiren.
Aanal neeyo, Idhayathil irundhukondu
Kangalil kanneerai vara vaikiraay.! 

Beautiful Valzhkai Thathuvam Tamil Kavithai
Vidiyum varai therivathillai kandadhu kanavu endru....
Valkaiyum Appadi thaan....
Mudiyum varai therivathillai....
Vaalvadhu eppadi endru. 

1 line Short Tamil kavithai 
Nee Ennavalai Kadanthu Varuvathaal'than Naan Unnai Swasikkiren..! 

Love Failure Tamil Kavithai
Aval En Kangalukkul Vanthu Konduthan Irukkiraal…
Kanavugalaaga Alla.! Kanneeraga..!

Thathuvam Kavithai
Unnai sirikka vaikum ithayathai nampathe
Unnai sinthikka vaikum ithayathai nambu
Unathu valkai enrum olimayamai irukum...! 

Alagana Tamil Kavidhai
Sivapu manithanukum nizhal karuputhan,
Karuppu manithanuku ratham sivaputhan,
Vannangalil illai vazhkai,
Manitha enangalil ullathu vazhkai.


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