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The Princess Myst I wish to be, Wystoria is of this!
"Where My Beloved Waits For Me"

Dedicated to The Enchanted of all worlds
The Enchantment
By Linda A. Copp
I hear the lapping of the water,
at all its edges, gently slapping,
rapping, tapping its seams,
tapestries of dreams
It speaks of stories And of time.
Some of them like friends of mine,
wrap their arms around me,
hugging me to them.
It happens now and then,
and yet, again from time to time.
It's Lake Fantasia,
And her Spirit!
Window through, Gateway to the soul.
She's the doorway, the gateway,
to this Hallowed place.
Where her mountains rise,
like stairs we climb.
From down under to above,
All our entrances are here.
In this fantasy,
our reality, this space.
We embrace.
We embrace.
Spiritual Grace!
Fairy Mists rising brings their Kingdom here to share.
The Faerie Kingdom,
soon appears through the Mists,
like fantasies and Then,
I see Thee.
The flicker, just a flash,
but, you're there, somewhere,
just out of reach,
just out of sight.
Are you Pegasus on Wings, the Poetry Muse, the Musical Muse, Fairy, Wizard, Ah all of these!
And Woodland Sprites,
open their eyes and peer
into my very soul it seems.
Magic living here,
hiding just there, and there, and there.
Now, fantasy is everywhere
watching from the Wondrous Pines.
I see another entrance there,
Fairy nods and waves to me, follow, follow...
where, other spirits beckon
and nod for me to follow,
when I have finished with the Lakes.
My yearning's very great,
as I give in to wonder
and the shudder in my soul.
My Souls rising whispering to me, believe in me.
It flies, so do I.
There's no control,
I am pulled and tugged and gone.
I must go, and I travel on.
Trees climb the mountains on either side
of these crystal blue waters,
this pool of dreaming,
this well, my very being.
And I am filled again with all I am seeing.
And my heart like this,
Faerie Kingdom,
fills to the brim,
with all the magic that ever was
or has ever been.
The Musical Muse Plays!
Listen, Listen,
the music singing in the trees,
it flutters with the leaves,
souls are kissed and healed
by notes like these.
These SpiritsSpirits we can't see, just feelings, they are Real. no one sees.
Now, I feel the Gentle waves brushing past,
rushing to kiss the shore.
Its arms reaching out to hug and caress,
they find me.
I am touched and released
and feel once more.
The Spirits calling me, Are you there somewhere?
And I have been waiting
for this moment all my life.
The spirits are here, they have called me,
these long and many years.
They have whispered through the winds
and screamed my name in stormy heavens
and tumultuous icy breaths.
And have fallen silent
when I dared not follow or believe.
Stillness fills and spills through the air,
crisp and stirring,
touching something within me
and pulling it closer to Thee,
Me and Thee.
Poetry Muse, Lover to Me, becomes Me! and Everything I see.
How Great art Fantasy!
Sheer Poetry, Set Free,
These Scenes Thee has shared with me.
I believe in Thee
and Thee believes in Me.
They are Thy Visions,
So, few will ever see,
Wood Sprites open up their eyes and see, the very depths of me!
Faerie Mists Arise
Woodland Sprites,
Open up their eyes
Hiding still, among these Wondrous,
yet, thunderous Pines.
They reach and soar they climb,
through the branches,
then the leaves,
spill into the waiting breeze.
And they have done all this before.
And I have Seen this all before as well,
but still would not and could not ask for more,
than this,
the other side of the great darkness,

The Lady of the Lake
The Celestial Appartiion by Jonathon Earl Bowser
The Lady of the Lake,
coming forth from places
she can not forsake.
From the depths,
I see her kindred spirits rise
and rise.
She looks into my eyes.
And it is all that I can do to not go with her
the waters deep,
but from there,
there's no retreat.
Ah! Yes, To Fall Asleep.
To Forever Sleep.
Blue Blankets Of Peace.
So, deep, So deep.
Ah! But,
Would I Dream?
And I turn away.
For so, long I have wondered if this was real.
Ah! This fantasy,
I feel, intended always
to become one when Love
beckoned me to Come.

Souls, Dreams, Visions fly, with these Spirits in the Mists.
Fantasies are made of these,
Our Dreams,
Where Dreamers
Come to believe,
Where depths that no one sees
Are given forth to flutter
like butterflies and poetry.
Dancing in the Faerie Mists
they breathe.

If only in the eye of Nod,
Held here in the,
In the blinking Eye of my God.
And I Dream,
I'm Dancing past.
Fantasia's Lady of the Lake
Reaching for me,
As I brush by her,
pulling away at last.
Like Mystic Rose and Lute, I go out to Look for You!
To look for you,
As I always do,
Wherever that may be,
Somewhere in Eternity.
Where My Beloved waits for me.
My Beloved,
Waits for me.
And so, I Dream,
In Poetry and Rhyme
In these Mists From Time to Time.
Hoping to finally find,
this place
My Beloved Waits for Me.
If I can only see,
through these...
...Faerie Mists...
...Of Time...
Into this...Another Time.
This Faerie Time.
I saw Fantasia take my soul,
rise up with it and go.
Keep it for it is Ever Thine.
Fantasia Lake where...
I leave the mask of me fantasy and jester behind in the stars.
My Beloved Waits for me...
Please ...
I ask of Thee,
Say, I pray, you will always wait for me.
By Linda A. Copp
May 29, 1999

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